Thunderian Bengals
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CH Anjou Egwene Al Vere of  Thunderian

Our First Princess

This little girl is a looks like she has  a lot of  promise to me. If you think she's too cute, you should see her parents over at Anjou Bengals  (check out her Papillon and Henry). Her favorite things include catnip, feathers, lazer toys, plush blankets, and under cover snuggles. Her least favorite thing to do is go to a cat show, but despite her vocal objections, she managed to earn her championship. Her genetic profile is clear (not at risk or a carrier for) all known genetic defects for Bengals and other breeds. She has tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FHIV.  

We will keep updates on her as we get them. 

She is currently pregnant, and we believe the conception to have taken place on and around May 26th. We are expecting kittens around early July.  Check out the father of the kittens, RW SGC Jungletrax Flowmaster.