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(as of 6/28/2018)
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What is a Bengal?
1. A domestic cat that is specifically bred to resemble an exotic cat (ex: leopard, ocelot, etc.)
2. A kind of dog that meows and purrs.

The orgins of the Bengal cat dates back to the 1970s, as Willard Centerwall cross bred the wild Asain Leopard Cat (ALC) with domestic cats to explore the apparent genetic immunity of the ALC to feline leukemia. His hybrid cats were later given to Jean Mill, who worked to further domesticate these hybrids, and in 1983, it was her efforts that got the breed of Bengal recognized by TICA. Others involved in the early days of the Bengal include Bill Engler who got the name "Bengal" accepted by the ACFA, and Greg and Elezabeth Kent, who in their breeding program introduced Egyptin Maus to their lines. Many breeders today can trace back to their cats through pedigrees.

Bengals in appearance are bred to look very wild. Large bright eyes, broad noses, and a variety of coat colors from white to golden, and even silver, but patterns are usally spotted, rosetted, clouded, or marbled. They are not an overly large cat breed, but males tend to weigh 10-15 lbs, and females are typically around 8-12 lbs. They do shed, but considerably less than some other breeds, and their dander, while not hypoalergetic, may not irritate the typical cat allergy suffer. (I myself find that their dander does not bother me, but other cats I have owned in the past and cats have)

WARNING: Bengal cats are a high energy animal, with agendas of their own. They are very intelligent, and effective communicators. They will let you know what they want. If you fail to give it to them, be prepared to suffer a little bit of mischief. They want to be in the room with their people, watchfully supervising or simply allowing you to bask in their presence,  but they are not so much a lap cat. They can be very affectionate, on their terms, when they come to you.  More often, they will probably come to you with a game in mind. Chasing games are a favorite of ours, as are catch, fetch,  wand toys, feathers and lazers.